“My dogs took to him instantly which really put me at ease. We attended puppy classes and then have continued with weekly training at my home. His knowledge and experience is so valuable and there isn’t anything he has not been able to help me with. Much of the training has been for me to better understand the breed and what to do and not to do.” Sue, 2 dachshunds

“If you have an “impossible” dog, let Spence work his wonders for you. We didn’t believe it could be done, but seeing is definitely believing. If he can train our dogs, he can train any dog.” Steve, 3 dachshunds

“Spence is very consistent and very patient and I must say the best quality about him, is that he can be effective with the dogs, without raising his voice. I’ve seen drill instructor type of trainers and Spence can achieve better results with his techniques of just talking to the dogs. He reiterates that you can be firm with them and there is no need to raise your voice. We will continue to work with Spence because we are very pleased and feel with his further guidance and passion for his work, he can help us provide the highest amount of joy and fun with our dogs."
Neil and Kimberly, lab/chow mix and lab/golden

“Spence has helped all of us much more than he can imagine. With his knowledge, patience and genuine caring, he has enriched our life in a way I did not know was possible. I enjoy learning new things about canines. And it has brought us closer than ever. It is great and I am so glad to have met Spence, I always look forward to his classes…and I know my dogs do too!" Kit, 2 golden retrievers

“Your methods of patience, persistence, POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, being the one in charge, couple with constancy and consistency have transformed Cobe into being obedient and fun to work with and have around the house. When we are out walking, people have commented, on how well behaved he is and how lucky we are the have a dog like him. If they only knew, what it was like six weeks previously and pre Spence……” Richters, doberman

“Since our first experience with a dog trainer was very bad we are quite lucky to have found a person with Spence’s abilities close to home. Those looking to get more from their dogs should not pass up the opportunity to work with such a talented individual.” Donna, 2 chihuahuas

“ Many people have visions of what they would like their dogs to be and a great step to obtaining this vision is with his training. We have been at it for over a year now and the understanding, caring, concerns and constancy the Spence Shepard brings to each class is motivation for the dogs as well as the owners.” Edwin, doberman

“From the first day Spence was able to make me feel at ease and confident in my ability to learn the necessary lessons. It becomes very clear form the beginning that Spence has a genuine love for these animals, and he will work with you n o matter how long it takes. He is extremely kin, gentle and patient. His knowledge base is quite extensive, so his teachings have gone beyond just teaching commands. I have learned about different behaviors, age related norms, and what to expect down the road. To me those teachings have been invaluable. Spence is extremely dedicated to his profession and that is evident from the moment you meet him.”
Elizabeth, lab/terrier/wolfhound mix

“I think one of the things I admire most about Spence is his remarkable ability to make a connection with each dog and owner in his class, single out the specific need and address it with a positive attitude. He can read a dog’s body language and know what that dog is thinking and how it will react in a specific situation. I have seen first hand the change he can make in an animal. I also admire Spence’s dedication to rescuing and placing abused and /or abandoned dogs, especially German Shepherds. He has a huge heart and I think would take them all himself if he had the space!” Carol – german shepherd

“I would highly recommend Spence to anyone who has a dog to be trained. The dogs just love you! Not only that, but the class is relaxed and fun. An excellent trainer, teaching the trainee, and a positive environment = SUCCESS!!!”
Ellen – german shepherd

“I wanted to thank you for your work with Guinness and me. In the 6 months since we started working with you, our life has improved dramatically. You will recall that when we first started working with you, I couldn’t even take “G” away from my yard. The improvement to our life is incredible and for this I thank you!” Susan, great dane

“I met Spence after I adopted Bella, a rescue Pug.    She had a fear of strangers and other behavioral issues including an obsession with eating paper.   Spence patiently worked with me to break down her issues and create a training plan.  His classes were fun and we progressed from week to week.   Now Bella has passed the Canine Good Citizen test, our bond is stronger, and she is a much happier and more relaxed dog.” Andrea, pug